News Thu 15/6 – Te Pūkenga Restructure. More Medical Students.
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News Thu 15/6 – Te Pūkenga Restructure. More Medical Students.

News Thu 15/6 – Te Pūkenga Restructure. More Medical Students.

Policy, Management & People

  1. Te Pūkenga Restructure Stuff reported on some initial details of Te Pūkenga’s restructuring. It’s a long story, but without much new material – the key point is that at least one staff member has been told about their role’s disestablishment, but given no information yet about new roles available.
  2. Uni Cuts Auckland Uni’s Prof Nicola Gaston, and MacDiarmid Institute co-director, had a long interview with RNZ about proposed staff cuts at universities. She presented similar arguments as in her late May Spinoff op-ed, speaking in detail about how job cuts might affect the viability of subjects. She spoke about teaching and research funding models, as well as the opportunity for more coordination of universities. Commentator and Victoria Uni lecturer Morgan Godfery went through a series of perceived problems in the university sector, ending with a prescription for more government funding.
  3. More Medical Students We were surprised that there were no extra medical school places in the Budget, but Health Minister Ayesha Verrall yesterday announced 50 extra places from 2024 onwards (NZ Herald). The allocation between Otago and Auckland wasn’t specified.
  4. VC Steps Down Prof David Murdoch, Otago Uni VC, has stepped down after an illness (ODT, Stuff). While he has recovered, he has had another look at his life and decided to do something different – he’ll take up a Distinguished Professor role at Otago Uni’s Christchurch campus, and some University of Oxford opportunities. That leaves Otago Uni looking for another VC 16 months after Murdoch started.
  5. Sculpture Costs Otago Uni argued that further ODT questions about a Maori sculpture on campus (which has been wrapped up until its long-delayed unveiling) would be viewed as “of a vexatious nature and culturally insensitive”. Such a statement seems unlikely to quell media requests, or to withstand external scrutiny.
  6. Visas RNZ had a story about student visa approvals.


  1. Sudden Death A student died suddenly and unexpectedly at a Victoria Uni hall of residence.


  1. Engineering Five grants, totalling $100k, were given out by Engineering NZ to support career/outreach projects, including a mockumentary on Auckland Uni engineering students.
  2. Info Day EIT is having its first information day of the year in Hawke’s Bay as it comes back from Cyclone Gabrielle impacts.

Teaching & Learning

  1. Barbering NorthTec added a new barber course and upgraded its facilities.
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