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Frequently Asked Questions

If the answers below don’t cover your concern, please contact us. There are sections for potential subscribers, current subscribers, and our key contacts at subscribing organisations.

Potential Subscribers

How can my organisation sign up to Tertiary Insight?

Tertiary Insight is available to organisations for an annual subscription that allows a number of individuals to access the service. The service is aimed at decision makers, not all staff of an organisation. The number of subscribers varies according to the size of the organisation, as does the subscription price.


Each subscriber will get access to our mailing list, which distributes all of our news. They can also access our work via the website or RSS feed.


You are welcome to sign up for a free demo to check out some of our posts, and you can read our editorial policy to see what we cover.


Please contact us if your organisation would like to subscribe to Tertiary Insight.

Is my organisation already signed up?

We have over 100 organisations receiving Tertiary Insight, so your organisation may be signed up. You are welcome to ask us – just contact us and let us know what organisation you are in, your position, and why you’d like to sign up. If your organisation subscribes, we will pass on your request to our key contact. If they ask for you to be added to their list, we’ll let you know. If your organisation doesn’t subscribe, we can chat about the options.

What does Tertiary Insight cover?

Check out our editorial policy for all the details.

Can I sign up as an individual?

We don’t normally offer individual subscriptions, but people genuinely trading as individuals may be eligible (eg sole consultants). Conditions apply, so contact us for details.

Current Subscribers

Can I distribute your material to anyone I like?

No! Tertiary Insight material may only be passed on to other staff within your organisation and, in most cases, members of the governing body.

We are open to requests to pass on material to a wider audience, so please contact us if you wish to pass on material outside of your organisation.

I’m not getting emails. Help!

First, check your junk or clutter folders. New emails can often go to those folders, and you may need to approve our email addresses in some way to get them into your inbox (eg by confirming that they are not junk).


Second, your organisation’s firewall settings can sometimes block our emails. Our email list is managed by a major US email list firm called AWeber. Our emails are sent from the following email address, which may need to be whitelisted by your IT staff:


If the steps above haven’t helped you, please contact us.

I’m trying to join the AWeber mailing list, but the link doesn’t work.

When you are added to our database, you are sent an invitation to an AWeber mailing list that is used to distribute our news. That invitation only lasts for 30 days, so if you click it after that, it won’t work. The solution is to contact us to ask for another invitation.

My organisation’s firewall is blocking the links in your emails. Can you help?

Our email list software (AWeber) creates custom links that look a bit different, and sometimes firewall settings for an organisation can block their use. This is not something that we can fix, and all email list software usually has such an approach.


Your IT staff will need to allow, or whitelist, the links for them to work. All of our links start with “clicks.aweber.com”. If your IT team has more questions, they are welcome to contact us.

How can I get my website username and password?

Your username is usually in the “Firstname Lastname” format (it is not your email).


Your password can be reset on this website – see just below the login form.

Do you have an RSS feed?

Yes we do. Please subscribe to the feed after you have logged in to the website, because each RSS feed is unique and is connected to your site membership.

I’m leaving my organisation – how do I keep getting Tertiary Insight?

Since so many tertiary education organisations subscribe to Tertiary Insight, we may be able to transfer your account to your new employer. Contact us and let us know the situation – we can either ask for you to be added at the new employer (we do this often), or we could let your new employer know about subscription options.

Key Contacts at Subscribing Organisations

What is a key contact?

We work with a key contact at each organisation to decide who is added to the subscriber list at that organisation. The key contact approves the annual subscription invoice and license. We also work with the key contact when there are any IT issues affecting deliverability of our news. Our key contacts are busy people, so we try to keep administration as simple as possible.

Are there any license restrictions?

Yes. The key condition is that subscribers are free to distribute Tertiary Insight material within the subscribing organisation, to staff and (generally, but not always) governing body members, but not outside of the organisation.

How do I add, delete or change users?

Each subscriber’s key contact can contact us at any time to add, delete or change a user, which is done at our end. If you don’t know who the contact is, we can forward your request to them.

Is there a limit on how many subscribers my organisation can have?

Yes – the limit is set in the annual license for the service, although we may extend it upon request. Having extra subscribers usually has a cost, and you can contact us to discuss the details.


Some organisations manage the limit on subscribers by having an internal mailing list that is used to distribute Tertiary Insight news emails to a wider group of staff.

Can you help me sort out a problem?

Yes, we’re here to help our key contacts ensure that their organisation gets a good service from Tertiary Insight. Contact us with your query.