News Fri 21/8 – Sexual Harassment.
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News Fri 21/8 – Sexual Harassment.

News Fri 21/8 – Sexual Harassment.

Policy, Management & People

  1. Sexual Harassment A new group called Stop Sexual Harassment on Campus has been formed, and they want to see an independent commission to investigate sexual harassment complaints (and prevent people shifting universities without their record coming to light). They plan to send a letter to VCs about the proposal today (RNZ).
  2. Intl Student Views QS released a report on the impact of COVID-19 on international higher education (31 pages), based on surveys of international students and higher education staff. There are some useful points on reopening, changes of individual and institutional plans and more.
  3. People Skills Active has had recent changes to its leadership team, with existing staff members getting promotions (Jenni Pethig to GM Learning Solutions, and Todd Maddock to GM Delivery) and new people joining (Anthony Cox as GM People and Finance, and Graham Hill as CEO for sister company Qualworx).
  4. Work Rights INZ has again allowed student visa holders to work more than 20 hours per week in supermarkets when a region is at Alert Level 3 or 4. The condition is in effect from yesterday until 31 Jul 2021 (if the Alert Level applies). It only covers students who worked for the supermarket prior to the shift to Alert Level 3 or 4, so it won’t help new employees.
  5. Universities Auckland Uni’s Prof Sir Peter Gluckman called for a rethink of NZ’s long-term strategy – towards the end he called for extra support for universities.
  6. Online Comments Newshub looked into online comments about shooting looters and other matters by Canterbury Uni lecturer Luke Schneider.
  7. Revenue Up Otago Poly is up 7% on budgeted domestic EFTS for 2020, which has boosted revenue and the surplus by $1.2m.

Research & Innovation

  1. Medal Otago Uni awarded Prof David Murdoch their Distinguished Research Medal for 2020 (ODT).


  1. Masks Toi Ohomai Bachelor of Creative Industries students sold 190 face masks last week that they had made themselves – the funds will go towards their end of year show.
  2. Parties An Auckland student has started an event styling business, and is expanding to new locations.


  1. Science WITT has been sponsoring the Taranaki Science and Technology Fair.
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